Ashes of Creation: Processing Overview

How do you handle Processing in Ashes of Creation? What is Processing? Will There Be Processing in the Ashes of Creation? These are the questions you may have in mind while waiting for the official release of AoC. So let’s get started.

What is Processing?

Processing is the refining of raw materials into available ingredients from your chosen crafting profession. But don’t be too excited because processing isn’t available in Alpha 1. Like any other MMo, any raw material goes through different processing types, resulting in different results before its availability.

Processing Blueprints

Hunter's Dwelling.png

Processing in Ashes of Creation is done by building on your freeware. You can purchase these buildings by using blueprints which can cost considerably and some construction time. That is why regular buildings are not advisable unless you can get your Artisan friends to process your material for you using their freeware.

Chopping & Smelting

To process ore and wood, you will need a lumber mill and smelter in your freehold. Currently, there is no other information about this, and all are still speculations.

Tanning & Weaving

To process leather and cloth, you will need a loom for cloth and a tanning rack for leather. 

Cooking Ingredients

Cooking Materials in AoC are obtained from investing in a farm mass produce your vegetables and herbs. However, the processing is quite an anomaly because you have to process it differently to have a specific material.

Magical Processing

Magic and the ability to break down magical items is going to be alchemy and scribing’s inspiration. Doing this requires some magical processing station like a room table or an enchanted forge. Also, processing certain materials like fish can be from a magic-based station such as ink and scales.  For disenchanting magical gear, the materials gained from it will be used to enchant more desirable gear further.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ Intro

01:55​ What is Processing?

03:13​ Processing Blueprints

04:25​ Chopping and Smelting

06:35​ Tanning and Weaving

07:40​ Cooking Ingredients

08:54​ Magical Processing

11:00​ Outro

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