Ashes of Creation: Relics Overview – How Do They Work?

Today we are going to talk about the Relics in Ashes of Creation. Where they come from and how they help the players and nodes. 

What are Relics?


Relics are the reward given to the citizens that succeeding in various fields of the game snd the reason people will feel compelled to defend their nodes. Relics also allow players to tap into their power and craft legendary equipment with them. It also allows certain legendary quest lines to progress.

Obtaining the Relics

For a node to get a relic, it must have a reliquary similar to a trophy park. Once it is built, it will allow relics to start appearing on their node. The reliquary is tied near the trophy park while the relics are achieved through the citizens’ achievements.

Utilizing the Power

The benefits that a relic can offer is they assist in creating legendaries and progress legendary quest chains.

Atrax’s Relics

File:ss-2020-12-02-00 58 22-00045.png

Atrax is an undead lich that started the whole events of the apocalypse. Atrax used four relics that can be obtained from the Fallow’s Hole Dungeon to bring about the four. These four special relics could offer a unique type of relic ability granted to legendaries.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ Intro

00:26​ What Are Relics?

01:13​ Obtaining the Relics

02:36​ Utilising The Power

03:59​ Atrax’s Relics

05:42​ Outro

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