Ashes of Creation: Scientific Nodes Overview and Services

Here is some information about Scientific Nodes, what they are, and how they can communicate with each other.

What Are Scientific Nodes

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Scientific Nodes are the nodes that exist near the fabric of the world that focuses on Essence. They also seek knowledge, technological advancement and understand why the world is the way that is. In these Nodes, you’ll also find sprawling questlines and rewards for crafters, gatherers, and those who seek the highest reaches of Artisan knowledge.

Scientific Government

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To become a mayor for a scientific node, you must earn the trust of your fellow citizens. Campaigning using the regional chat and talking to the citizens in the streets can help you achieve those trusts and win the elections. 

Unique Building: The Library

The Library is the first unique building that you will have access to when you reach level 3. This building offers access to view the events that have happened on the server through a timeline. It also shows gathering resources, the population and area of nearby dungeons and points of interest, access to power stones, and recipes to standard armor for level 25 and below.

Unique Building: The Academy

The Academy is the final form of the nodes’ unique building. This unlocks everything you want for your artisan needs. Legendary repair materials can be acquired in this building. It gives profession mastery qualifications, Legendary freehold schematics are obtained, and you have legendary tier crafting benches.

Scientific Super Power

One of the Scientific node’s superpower is the teleportation network. This allows citizens to use this network to teleport in any node within the zone of influence instantly.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ – Intro

01:39​ – What Are Scientific Nodes?

03:31 -​ Scientific Government

04:22​ – Unique Building: The Library

06:43​ – Unique Building: The Academy

07:57​ – Scientific Super Power

09:13​ – Outro

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