Ashes of Creation Ships – Quick Look in 5 Minutes! (Pre-Alpha)

We already saw the overview of the world of Ashes of Creation or as we all know, Verra. With its different biomes and landscapes, such as grasslands, forests, deserts and snowy mountains, we can also see some sea or water part of maps. And as we all know ships are the best partner of the sea, so let’s find out more about ships and the naval system in Ashes of Creation. 

File:Tea transport.png


Ships are divided into classes of vessel that relates to the size and capability in battle and transportation. The small ships are designed for solo or small group content, perhaps 1 to 4 players. The medium size ships are equipped for a full party that consists of 8 players. The large ships, such as galleons, are for raid size content, that may be used for PvP battles. Some ship classes will have the ability to apply crown control to other ships, one example of this is the harpoon launcher for the small sized ships that can be used to take control of galleons if they work together. Players will have boatsman skills where they will progress as they gain experience through naval content. 

File:ss-2020-05-01-00 56 58-00036.png

1:26Ship Building

Ship building will be a crafting profession that will enable players to construct ships based on the design that can be unlocked through the progression of ship building profession. Players can customize their ships with movement, durability, speed, turn rate, hit points, defensive, damage abilities, weapon slots, and even aesthetic customization. 


2:30Naval Caravan

Naval Caravan or Trade ships are also part of Ashes of Creation naval content, it allows the transportations of large quantities of goods from one location to another. Naval Caravans don’t just involve water, it can transition between land and naval caravan. Caravans will have various sizes and capacities. Naval caravans cannot be hijacked and in order to be looted the attacker or enemies must destroy the health pool of the ship. 


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