Ashes of Creation: Taming Comparison and Overview

Most of the MMO games are really famous for their mounts, they can be animals or creatures that players can ride and even use to fight enemies. In Ashes of Creation may have a unique way for players to interact with animals and mounts in games. Let’s find out more about Taming!

1:35What is Taming?

Taming is the capture of animals in the open world. Other MMO games are more focused on the ranger companion side of things, but in the Ashes, taming is an artisan skill that is going to be used for combat pets and mounts as well. And this makes taming very unique in this game.

3:06Combat Pets and Summons

All classes will have a combat pet with them regardless of level, skills and their secondary archetype. If they already capture pets through taming they can use them to assist them in combat. To balance it, the game is looking to decrease power or damage to those players who will use combat pets but there will be classes that may be an exception to this. Additionally, Ashes of Creation will allow players to customize their combat pets, they can be tanks, healers or damage dealers, to assist them in battles. Combat pets will also have their own trinity tree.

5:56Capturing a Beast and Big Game Jackpot

As we discussed, taming is considered a gathering artisan skill. Capture of a mountable creature will be like a mini game like in other games, different tiers of creature will define how hard and long you can capture them. Captured beast can also be a source of money as you can sell them, and of course depending on how rare the creature you capture the higher amount you can sell it. 

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