Ashes of Creation – The Bestiary: Quarrior!

In playing Ashes of Creation, you will encounter animals and beasts that you may use in your quest and journey across Verra. One of the creatures you will encounter is the Quarrior. 

The Quarrior is a cosmetic pet that can be found in the pre-order pack. They are used on Freehold farms to gather gemstones from the ground using their long tongues. Quarriors are also friendly since they lack the skill for combat. Since there are jewels growing on the surface of their stone plate, they become one of the most sought after creatures in Verra. Poachers tend to hunt them and remove the gems so they can sell them in the market. However, you should not worry because removing the gems allows the Quarrior to continue to eat.

The Quarrior also goes along great with cats and dogs. They are seen everywhere in Verra and some are buying them as pets. However, it is still uncertain if the Quarriors will make it to the live game.

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