Ashes of Creation: The Rogue Class Overview and Comparison

What is a Rogue? They tend to focus on one specific mechanic: Stealth. They pop out of the shadows and lock you down until a sizable bit of your health is gone before the fight even starts and just when you think you’ve got them, they disappear in an instant and they’re never to be seen again… or at least their cooldowns are coming back up.

“They are masters of opportunity, using skill, positioning, and the environment to dish out frightening amounts of damage. In their downtime, they provide solid utility, helping their friends navigate dangers otherwise unseen.”

Stealth is definitely a mechanic that we will be seeing in Ashes of Creation. It appears to be a form of permastealth like what we see in WoW’s Rogues. You are not completely invisible in AoC however as it’s stated that there will be a balance in plays to allow players to detect stealth rogues in the world via moving grass or footprint dust.

Another main mechanic for the Rogues in AoC is the opportunity they offer while dwelling in dungeons. Allowing you to use various utility skills to detect hidden doors and treasures.

When it comes to thievery, you cannot mark or extort other players outside your favorite outposts.

Shadowstep is a Rogue’s ability to tend to have to gap closed on ranged classes. It tends to be an instant teleportation behind your target allowing you to follow up with a backstab or some ability that becomes useful when you’re behind the target.

Rogue’s specialize in poisons too. They apply powerful crippling effects to their attacks for a limited time or a limited amount of weapon swings.

Blade Flurry. Rogues tend to have a variety of acrobatic set of AoE skills to apply poisons to all nearby allies or just straight up eviscirate them.

The next ability would be the dagger combo which is just your auto-attack when explained simply. It hits enemies with a combo attack in a cone in front of you giving you focus to use on your ultimate skill.

Rouge Archetypes:
Rogue + Cleric = Cultist
Rogue + Rogue = Assassin
Rogue + Mage = Nightspell
Rogue + Fighter = Duelist
Rogue + Bard = Charolotton
Rogue + Ranger = Predator
Rogue + Tank = Shadow Guardian
Rogue + Summoner =Shadowlord



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03:30​ Dungeon Utility
04:48​ Stealing
05:18​ Shadow Step
05:35​ Poison Mastery
05:45​ Blade Flurry
05:59​ The Dagger Combo
06:13​ The Secondary Archetypes
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