BOUNTY HUNTERS | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

We’re going to talk about the mechanics, benefits, and speculation of content revolving around the bounty hunter system in Ashes of Creation!


Bounty hunters mainly exist exist because of one reason: to hunt down corrupted players. So as a military node reaches the town stage, it begins allow people to earn their bounty hunter skills. At that military nodes and all the lesser nodes within its zone of influence, they are able to obtain a quest which unlocks the bounty hunter title for you character.

Once you complete the quest, you are granted the title and given a brand new skill called the “Half-Finding.” This is a toggleable skills which when activated makes you hostile to all corrupted players in the world making it easy for both parties to distinguish between normal players and players currently indulging themselves in the PvP systems available. It also allows you to see all the corrupted players on the map and on the mini map but does not show the exact location as the pathfinder can be leveled up, thus narrowing the location that these corrupted players maybe in.


The bounty hunting skill comes with a single skills called “Pathfinding.” This has three ranks to it and the way they are described as if there are more than just one abilities rather than the sole progression of the bounty hunter system.

As it read on rank 2 and 3, it says that the accuracy of the pathfinding skill is determined by a player’s progression in the whole bounty hunter system. Meaning, this is definitely going to have a whole progression tree related to it similar to the mariner class.


All negative effects related to PVP within the corruption systems are completely negated when you are fighting against bounty hunters. Meaning, you will always deal full damage to players labeled as a bounty hunter. But because of the way bounty hunting works and the fact that it permanently locks you into a hostile state against corrupted players.


As a bounty hunter, you are able to access bounties at any tavern within your military node’s zone of influence to give you a quest to locate and take out certain corrupted players if their corruption gets too high.

When a player kills a large amount of players from the enemy faction, they are labeled as an assassin. After a short amount of time, their ability to use flying mounts are disabled and you are given another additional quest to slay more people. But the downside of this, the other faction can see your location on the map and may gain some pretty good loot when they slay you.


There has to be consequences to being the victim of a bounty. You would want corrupted players to fear bounty hunters because if being hunted by one gives you the same consequences as a normal player killing them, the whole point of the bounty system feels shallow.


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