Diving a bit deeper into guild wars in Ashes of Creation on how exactly it takes place, what you need to do prepare for an attack, and much more!


Two guilds in a game, specifically in an MMO, with a rivalry isn’t too special or unheard of in the gaming scene. In some games, guilds need to take it amongst themselves to resolve these conflicts. However, in Ashes of Creation, that’s not always the case.

Although still in the design phase, guild wars in AoC will be an objective based gameplay with great risk for each side participating. By objectives, like certain tasks coming in the world based on the level of the guilds that are war with one another.


Guild wars would most likely be held during server primetime which is said to be between 3PM – 9PM. This is still subject for change via testing. Guild wars will fall within the PvP seasons which last about six months. At the end of the season, you guild’s effectiveness will be measured on the last six months allowing certain rewards to be unlocked.


Some of these objectives will be sending you into an enemy guild hall or fortress to capture a certain quest in or around the hall only visible to that war and guild. Whilst a channeling time is added to the item so it requires your guildmates to defend you from enemy players while this channel is running.

Items you are trying to steal may even be a quest item that another guild has aquired from a raid boss. Setting you out to potentially sabotaging their progress by stealing that item, thus sending them back to the raid boss and try to grab it again.


There are also bounty objectives that set you out to kill a particular guild member which will give the target increased damage mitigation and health as you seek out to hunt them.

While doing those objectives or any other guild war event, the death penalty surrounding the PvP corruption system will not apply like with caravans and sieges.


If you are engaging in war, do not worry as the opponent won’t just instantly begin battle. Like sieges, there will be a war declaration period giving guilds time to plan. In this period, you and your guild members would prepare and grab any items needed for battle. Whether they be potions, food, and/or armor.

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