Discussing the more interesting part that Ashes of Creations has to offer which is the housing and freehold systems!

In Ashes of Creation, there are multiple types of housing that have their unique benefits to yourself as a player. There are apartments which are instanced housing within nodes, static housing which is non-instanced housing that comes on the first come first serve basis for players who purchase within a node once it’s developed, and then there are freeholds which are placed on freehold plots within the world that allow players to customize it with various areas that can benefit different trades and skills


These areas are instanced within nodes that offer some internal use only within housing you to customize it with furniture, trophies, and such. There are various price points and sizes for these buildings and the prices can change based on the demand and the number of units already sold within the zone due to their only being a set number available to purchase per node.


These are non-instanced housing that ae able to purchase at node stage 3. As they node levels up from here, so does the house themselves along with the houses that are available but the houses that existed in the village stage. The option to become mansions when the node hits the metropolis stage, so you’ll want to buy these houses as soon as they become mansions.


Purchasing these within the node zone of influence. These land plots are roughly half an acre in size and the higher the node level, the more freehold homes that can be placed. Freeholds are like your personal homestead that have variety of customization places for you to choose from. Placing various buildings that will enhance your crafting and perhaps give you access to materials. These includes blacksmiths, forges, farms, guild halls, houses, inns, lumber yards, mills, player run shops, shrines, smelters, stables, and fisheries.

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