Breaking down what exactly player shops do for you in Ashes of Creation and the difference between shops, stalls, and more! Do you ever just sit in a city with your bag filled hoping to find the right buyer for the goods you have gathered? Or maxed out on a profession and don’t know to broadcast your services? Both of these features are different from one another. It may depend on your playstyle deciding on which one you wanna choose.

Well, in Ashes of Creation, this all changes as players can now own their own shops along with renting stalls!

PLAYER STALLS: (Kiosks or Rental Stalls)

Starting with player stalls, these stalls can be found in the markets within nodes. To acquire one, you will need to pay a rental fee to use that stall and an NPC will show up to sell your goods. Ulysses items that you want to get rid of will now be linked to your warehouse with your storage points within nodes to put all of your goods so they don’t take up your main inventory space.

Once you’ve set up shop, there will be a bulletin board set up around the region that will show you the location of the stall and what is being sold. Be cautious though because as a node becomes under siege or gets destroyed, you will lose some of the items in this node storage. You won’t be able to sell your goods but also won’t be able to sell your services such as gear repairing, allowing the player to input the resources required to the NPC to get the job done.

While your stall is set up it will take on the appearance and feel of what you’re trying to sell as well. So for example, you’re selling cloth. The stalls will have a bunch of cloth laid out on display to give people a visual cue on what is being sold when you walk by. The number of stalls per market changes depending on the size of the node and it is still unknown how exactly this works.

PLAYER SHOPS: (Player-owned shops or Personal Shops)

These buildings require a placement certificate which allows you to place in your freehold or near a unique building. If these certificates come from a metropolis node though, it will allow you to stick the shop anywhere in the world so you could literally find a crossroad or a busy trail to set up shop for players to come on and visit.

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The only downside about shops though is that that there will be NO NPC to run it. For your shop to be open, you will have to be present in the shop by standing there to sell your services. Players will know what you have due to a custom billboard that you can create that will appear above your character showing players what’s in stock in your shop and this shop will be linked up to your inventory.

Be careful as players can kill you as you are running your shop but this will still be tied to the corruption system so some players will risk getting themselves flagged as corrupted if they just come in and murder you.


These shops and stalls will not replace auction houses which can be found in economic nodes. Auction houses work as you are used to, players list items for a certain cost, and other players can buy them. The only difference is, you can only list items depending on the nodes level and the auction houses aren’t linked up to each other across the server. Unless you have a metropolis economic node, then you can link up the auction house to another metropolis economic node which could be beneficial if you are in need of resources that aren’t located in your area.

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