We are going to breakdown how exactly raids will work in Ashes of Creation from loot, to group sizes, and more!

Raiding in the pennacle experience for an MMORPG, at least it was until node sieges, castle sieges, and all of that, though they still play an important role in gearing up your character to get into the fight.


Like dungeons in Ashes in Creations, raids will be different than the instance rating you’ve come to expect. 80% of dungeons and raids in Ashes of Creations will be open world, while 20% is narrative driven dungeons and raids that are instanced. Allowing for the game to maintain that open world feel while also putting a bit more pressure to complete a raid as they will allow PVP flagging systems within that raid are available and based of f the nodes that are developed in the content completed in each server.

Alpha One Dungeon Entrance

This includes things like changing difficulty in a raid, different content altogether, different boss fights, different trash mobs, and different loot. This system will also be tied to seasons as raid content can change based on what season that area the world is in.

You can also expect traditional boss fights you’ve come to know and love with multiple phases, ads that need to be killed to get to the boss, and fights that require you to plan accordingly as your location and mobility will play a big part.

Alpha One Brood Queen Raid Boss

There will be 12-15 raid world bosses in the world at any given time. These bosses will come in all shapes and sizes with some being story driven and while are others are carrying some good loot. Some others come in much harder difficulty than others. Some bosses being so hard in fact that it is expected that only a single digit percentage of the population may be able to actually defeat them.


The difficulty of raids will also adapt to the raid group’s performance on the previous bosses within an encounter. So the higher you perform in the earlier phases, the more difficult it will be in the end phases in the higher difficulty dropping better loot for you. The difficulty will not be scaled on group sizes.

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For those of you who want more competition in raiding, there will be metrics tracked for titles, achievements, and more. A trophy park in stage 4 nodes that will showcase those who compete the world bosses and dungeons first correlation to that node.

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As for how loot works, Ashes of Creation intends to stick with the basic on the loot rules which can be selected by the party leader. There will be a master looter that allows a player to designate how loot is distributed. Round robin which allows players to take turn in looting and need before greed which is based off dice rolls. The higher role player who needs it will get the loot.

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Intrepid is also looking into a bidding system that would allow players to bid on an item. As usual, the highest bidder would obviously and the gold that they would spend would be split among the party members. This idea is not finalized yet and may not actually make it into the final game.


If you are in a competition from other raid groups when going to complete a boss, there will be some rules when it comes to loot tagging. The first to obtain a tag on a mob will require at least 40% of the total DPS to be granted looting rights and those who are fighting the boss and do not have the first tag, will need to do 60% of the damage to obtain the looting rights.


As of raid sizes as well, you can expect dungeons and raids for eight players which is a normal group size, 16 players and 40 players depending on the content you want to go after.


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