COMBAT CONTENT | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

In 2017, combat in Ashes of Creation started in a primitive action combat system. Similar to what we may find in single player games that were popular. It is quite similar to what combat looks now in 2020 in Ashes of Creation which shows that the studios of Intrepid already have their vision as to what they want the combat in the game to look like.


This mode would feature full action combat with a hundred battle royal and the players in the game were not happy about it. The powers you had in the BR were not class based but were tied to weapon and armor. Weapons you found in chests in 6.25 KM of a map called Forest of Erithia. This was also their first showcase of the destructible environments they were planning to implement for their node and siege wars. The movements were quick and had huge skill gaps between players. They concluded their testing with apocalypse and eventually shut it down.


Player collisions exist between friendly players but creates an issue with positioning and trolling that is immediately removed from MMOs that has ascended throughout the years. We can also expect that it may be removed unless they create mechanics which revolve around friendly collision in the future. Player collision against hostile players does exist in a lot of MMOs such as Black Desert Online.


They seem to have learned a lot from their testing as the movement in particular is something that they have built on a lot. As the charge and teleportation abilities seem a lot more impactful than their earlier iterations. This is important as the movement of combat decides the overall feeling of combat in general. Engaging a pack of mobs or just a huge monster.


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