DWARVES | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

Discussing the lore, aesthetic, and living mechanics of the playable race of dwarves in Ashes of Creation! While also looking at other dwarves in different MMOs.

After the great calamity when the races of Vera return to their ravaged planet, the two dwarf factions return to their rightful place: The Dunir and The Nikua.

THE DUNIR (Stoic. Tradition. Forge)

“Most of the people from the old world would see a mountain and thing nothing of it. The Dunir saw a defensible home where riches abound. They take immense pride in what they craft and what they build: fortifications that seem impregnable and Warhammers that never break. Don’t be deceived by their stout structure. They’re pound for pound the strongest warriors the world has ever known.”

The Dunir dwarves headed towards the mountains where they believed their hearts belonged. These dwarves take on the traditional stubborn race towards their legacy with a city built the mountain.

THE NIKUA (Family. Freedom. Courage)

“Where the Dunir saw mountains as home, the Nikua saw it as a prison. How could they complete the great hunt inside a cave? The craft of their brothers does not elude the though; they too are highly skilled artisans. The Nikua see crafting as a right of passage and an advancement for the family.”

These dwarfs are a little different from their mountain cousins. The Nikua are island people who take pride in their island jewelry rather than the rough craft of forge, hammer, and anvil. Another interesting fact about these dwarfs is that they do not possess any facial hair making them more like halflings rather than actual dwarfs.


For the Dunir dwarves, they take on the traditional Nordic look using straightened squared patterns making it beautifully symmetrical. Stone inlaid with iron and braisens of crimson red. The Dunir empire will keep their node at a defensible height protecting its center with iron bridges and rivers of lava.

The Nikua on the other hand, as their node grows in size, luscious looking summer getaway looks will show itself taking from a Polynesian experience. Having a vast bamboo domes covered in white cloth patterned with various oceanic designs while being surrounded by wild bamboo spikes and turtle shells. Summoning the ocean itself to protect the people of Nikua.


Dunir heavy armor would may be take on a look of a skillful forgeman with burning runes laid upon the bare iron to protect the tanks with the efficiency of the city itself. The Nikua will obviously take on a much different aesthetic by spotting use of the deep sea bone of the sea creatures they have defeated.


Of course the Dunir dwarves are likely going to use a ram or the dwarf breed of the ox. Flipping the coin again for the Nikua, there are a few options given to them from the peaceful otters or the turtles and displaying their companionship with amphibious creatures.


The racials in Ashes of Creation come in the form of augments. Cosmetic and functional effects hitting to the aesthetic of your chosen race. The dwarvews purify their body from the negative effects from the dark irons. This seems fitting as the dwarves’ resilience to negative effects.



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