ELVES | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

Discussing the lore, aesthetics, and benefits, that the two types of elves have as a playable race in Ashes of Creation! Also by comparing them to elves in other MMOs.

After the calamity, when the races of Vera returned to their ravished planets, the two elf factions went their separate ways following two completely different lifestyles: The Empyrean and The Py’Rai.

THE EMPYREAN (Imperial. Pride. Culture)

“Though not as enormous as the Kaelar, they are a force to be reckoned with elite military forces and a highly structured government. The people of Empyrea surely have a plan to carve their place in the world.”

The Empyrean are the high, pompous elf race who takes so much pride in the ancestry that it comes across as arrogance. Their structures are decorated with brilliant white and their garments styled with ornate gems and embroidery.

THE PY’RAI (Nature. Balance. Fury)

“All things come to balance in time and nature has her way. Don’t let their love for nature fool you as the Py’Rai rarely take prisoners, whether by bow or spear, their legacy will take root.

These elves are the forest dwellers. Druids. Speakers of the wild. However, they are not the kinds, fair, loving, tree-huggers, as you would expect. They are savages and brutal with their laws.


When it comes to ornate building and over-the-top landmarks, these elves know how to put on an architectural show.

The Empyrean elves take a lot of influence from their ancient brethren by following a Greco-Roman imperial to their buildings and nodes. With white marble structures contrast with deep obsidian décor giving it a proud but powerful feel. Their cities lined with ornate walls patrolled by the highly skilled elven archers.

The Py’Rai, not too far from their imperial cousins, also have ornate and decorative buildings. However, their palette takes greens and browns instead of the highly contrasted black and white. Situating their important buildings on the sides of redwood looking trees. Their defensive capability comes with the familiarity of the surrounding area.


Heavy armor on the Empyrean is most likely to take on similarly to their architecture, a highly decorated look. Intimidating their opponent with the detail and craftsmanship of their elven blacksmiths with their polished plates underlined with mithril chainmail.

Py’Rai’s heavy armor would likely take on the look of the forest and creatures hides. Honoring their slain by using their bone and fur to protect themselves from future attackers or prey.


Empyreans are more likely to have beautiful white horses equipped with ornate jeweled armor to display their pride.

The Py’Rai have a more different approach o mounts however, as they are more likely to follow the night elves from WoW using the beasts from the forest. Riding cats from all shapes and sizes to chase their foes and protect their own.


Racials in Ashes of Creation comes in the form of augments to customize your abilities with cosmetic and functional effects. Elven racials in most MMO games tend to follow a magical theme.



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