GUILD WARS AND CASTLE SIEGES | An Overview and Comparison | Ashes of Creation

“Alpha One Siege Combat”

Guild conflicts come in few forms. First of all is the guild war system. A guild is able to initiate a war between rival guilds. This war will begin being tracked in a separate UI displaying the deaths and kills with a win condition being set at the beginning of the war. All consequences of PVP between the two guilds during this war are alleviated meaning, no corruption will be gained for killing members of your rival’s guild.

Ashes of Creation are expanding this system to be less of a way to kill members of another guild for free and more of an actual objectives such as destroying or capturing guild fortresses that actually function similarly to freeholds. However, they are guild owned and most likely used as a way to expand their influence across the world.


Across the world of Vera, there are five different castles for guild to capture. When the server is fresh, these castles will be occupied by NPCs as they are the primary antagonists of the game. In order for a guild to capture said castle, the guild will need to do a few things:

Guild castle Alpha-1 early preview.
  1. Get everyone in the guild to an appropriate level to actually survive the encounters with the NPC raid boss within.
  2. Have enough people to form a constructive raid of tanks, healers, and DPS.
  3. Beat all the other guilds on the server to the castles.

As the guild who contributed the most DPS to the raid boss will be the one who qualifies for the capture. We will no doubt see a few guild racing in order to get their guild leveled and geared to take out these bosses ASAP!


When a guild takes a castle, it’s guild leader becomes the king of the region. This gives the king control over the economy within the castle’s influence, thus allowing them to affect the tax rates on all nearby nodes. Meaning, the king has the choice to lessen the tax rates and work hard with his guild to provide the necessary defenses for the castle. Or increase the tax, making the prices and rule with a selfish and spiteful hand.

“Kings and Queens concept art.”

Depending on the choice the king of the region makes will affect the server in general. Possibly making citizens move to another node that is not taxed so high.

There’s a bunch of different benefits that the kings and queens in Ashes of Creation. Though when it comes to cosmetics of being the king or queen of the region, your aesthetic would change, thus changing you from the normal people that you reign over.


When a guild owns one of these castles, it opens up a huge amount of content and benefits for the guild and its members. These benefits increase the longer the guild holds the castle for their own. Though the exact benefits are still unknown. But what we do know is that castles have three separate nodes very close to it which are called Castle Nodes.


These are completely outside of the normal node system, meaning their growth does not effect any other nodes on the server. What castle nodes do are act as a way for castles to spread its influence out and cover more ground defense, Rival guilds that are looking to take down the castles would likely have to siege the castle nodes first to weaken the defensive abilities of the castle itself.

Siege preparation.

Having three nodes, one node is used to level up the defensive capabilities of the castle such as reinforced wall. Another one will increase the offensive capabilities such as cannons and ballista. The last one will also increase the utility of the castle like ladders or anything that’ll help more.


The castle nodes are also making the king assign undermounts to his officers to use in defense of their castle. Granting more mounts depending on the amount of nodes that have progressed to level three around the castle. These mounts are likely to be slightly lesser versions of dragons.

Ochre Legion Wyrmling pre-order pack cosmetic mount skin.

The main point of the castles are for the guilds to fight each other for meaningful objectives. Rather than raising and destroying the world that they have built up over the months. All the fights that happen between the guilds around the castles do not effect the actual nodes except for the choice of raising or downgrading the taxes of course.


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