We’re gonna be looking through the Lore once again and some of the legendary weapons that may be appearing in Ashes of Creation! Some of these items are guaranteed to be legendaries fleshed out with Lore and hopefully chain related to them. Interested yet? I know you are so here they are!


#1: Mace of The Seven

Backstory: “Brother Balmo’s mace was a special thing, having been crafted at the Godforge and blessed by the Seven High Priests of Creation. It did the kind of dirty work that was necessary in these times – the mace seared the flesh of others who merely glances in its direction, and when one of the blows connected, the results were gruesome. It would not be enough, he knew, but the Lightpact had set him to this task and he would do what he could to ensure Verra’s survival.”

This in particular would most likely be dropping from he who groveled as the owner of this weapon, Balmo, was defeated by the beast. Not killed but just defeated. There’s a possibility that instead of the mace, they would drop a recipe drip which unlocks a quest chain to meet up with his spirit and recreate the mace at the Godforge.

#2: Lion’s Peace

Backstory: “Theron was a Paladin of the Herald sworn to take no life, to uphold the creed of his order, and to keep these lands safe. Even with the corruption whispering deep in his mind, he maintained these values with a strength of will girded by devotion to his god. When three of the Ancients began to terrorize a small village, he happened to tarry at, he slew them with his mythical sword, “Lion’s Peace”. He did this without hesitation and without mercy. The ancients did not live in the sense that he lived, and so Theron’s vow remained unbroken in his estimation. The gods seemed to agree. It wasn’t often that Theron ran from an opponent, but he found himself fleeing towards the cavern’s next exit away from the towering, bladed… thing that had just torn a hole in his armor. The armor that had been blessed by the Creation Pauldron. Theron knew fear the, true fear, deep within his soul, and he was consumed utterly by it. When the cavern began to shake and stalactites crashed to the ground around him, and the cavern’s exits collapsed, Theron found himself again. He turned slowly, redid his weapon in a defensive stance, and found faith in himself once more.”

Don’t be surprised if the Lion’s Peace and the recipe drops from one of the ancients world bosses.

#3: Thunder Spear & Dragon Wand

Backstory: “As Cay’s weapon struck true, she touched the essence flowing about her and pulled lightning from the sky into the tip of her spear. The noise of the air torn asunder, knocked the Ancients circling her way, and the lightning chained from the body of the one she had just pierced to the bodies of all those who threatened her. She slammed the butt of her spear to the ground and the resulting thunderclap launched her into the air, where she observed her enemies and planned her next move.”

#4: Time-shifter Necklace

Backstory: “It felt like the endgame- they were bruised, battered, and cornered. It didn’t appear likely that any of them would make it out of here alive but they were determined that as they lived together, the First Light would fall together. And so it was Eremus, clever, Eremus unclasped his necklace, said a few words of magic and threw it to the ground at their feet. Suddenly, the whole world shifted and melted together and then reformed itself. Their wounds were gone and the grime and dirt of the day went missing from their clothes. Eremus smiled, the only way he knew how, and said, “Shall we try this again?”

The Time-shifter Necklace is most likely to be a crafted recipe from a master jewel crafter as Eremus destroyed it to activate it legendary effect which seems to turn back time. In-game mechanics will likely be a necklace with the ability to heal you back to full health when you die with a hefty cooldown.

#5: Duskbringer

Backstory: “Dharbin ran his thumb across the blade of this great axe before putting it in the place of honor above his mantle. The Duskbringer was its name and it had many felled many foes in Dharbin’s hands. It was said that it could cleave a mountain in half, and though the reality was much less epic, it would still cut through one of the Ancients as if it were firewood. But the time has passed for that and it was proper that Duskbringer came home before the end of all things. The Ancients were at the door and there was nothing, not even Duskbringer, that could stop them.”

Quite a simple one for this, a named great axe. Expect that this recipe will be dropping from an Ancient world boss.

#6: Cairon’s Wing

Backstory: “Mollee put the finishing touches on her current masterpiece, the Cairon’s Wing. It was a set of super-heavy plate, imbued with mithril lines which channeled the ambient essence of the environment. This magical filagree could then flex and contract the dense alloyed plates in response to the motion of whomever was wearing it, giving them unparalleled strength and mobility. If she could find a way to fabricate Cairon’s Wing en masse, it would change how war was waged forever.”

This last legendary is actually a piece of armor probably given some benefits to movement speed by the sounds of it. Maybe even a small chance for a sprint like ability to be activated during combat. This is most likely going to be one of the master level blacksmithing recipes.


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