NAVAL CONTENT | Everything You Need To Know! | Ashes of Creation

We will be going over the navy and Ashes of Creation! Naval content and the different kind of ships you can have with everything you can do or near the sea!


First things first, there are different classes when it comes about the things you can do at sea. These are referred to as boatmanship classes.

  1. Gunnery. Which will be when you are on a ship and you’re firing cannons.
  2. Piloting. Which is the actual movement of the ship itself.
  3. Navigation. Where you need to know where the ship needs to go and will be key when it comes to the piloting.
  4. Boat repair. Which will make you help out the boat potentially during battle and 100 after the battle.
  5. Ship components. Which is mostly about building the ship and what it consists of.
  6. Defensive skills. Which you will protect the ship from things like harpoons and cannon fire.
  7. Utility based skills. Which is most likely everything else that goes on in the ship like the raising and lowering of the anchor and sails.


The ships themselves will be divided into three separate classes. Small ships which will be for solo content and be crewed by one to three people. Medium ships that are grouped content and can be crewed by about eight people. Lastly, large ships that are raid content and can have about 40 people on board. You are only going to be using large ships potentially if there’s a siege going on and if there is a raid boss in the ocean.

Certain ship classes will have the ability to render crowd control like harpooning other ships and bring them towards you. This may be at the lower levels that you make them stay in place and may also be at the higher levels that you can actually bring them towards you. Remember, harpoons are going to be entirely ropes so it’s going to be entirely possible for the crew on the other ship to cut the harpoons loose if you do not act fast after shooting them.


With regards to summoning ships, they can only be summoned from a port or harbors. These ports or harbors are on rivers, you can summon your ship from the river when it is deep enough. Otherwise, you’ll have to summon it when you’re at sea. When brining your caravan to the ship, you can just simply bring your caravan to your ship from the port or harbor.


The crafting profession that enables you to construct ship components based on blueprints that unlock capabilities that scale with their progression in the ship building profession. These different capabilities include movement, durability, speed, turn rate, hit points, defensive, and damage abilities.

As you level up your ship building skills, you’re going to want to decide if you want to create big, tanky, powerful, or nippy, agile ships that can run rings around the ships they’re fighting with. You’ll also be able to ass weapon slots, aesthetic customization, and of course, these components can be sold to other players as well as building ships for yourself.

Bear in mind that these ships can only be crafted or upgraded in harbors where there will be crafting stations and these will be unlocked as the coastal nodes progress.


These nodes are going to have specific water oriented influences, abilities, services, and quest lines related to the ocean. However, harbors do not need to spawn at a node that is directly next to the coast. If you have a node near to the coast or near to a large river, you could have a harbor spawning next to that node.


There are also going to be unique naval and sea related quests that happen at harbors. Harbors will grant these requests that are related to naval content and they’re more likely to influence the likelihood of a naval ocean boss.

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