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Discussing ocean content, ships, sailing mechanics, and the potential for growth out in the seas of Vera in Ashes of Creation!

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It has coastal nodes which function similarly to inland nodes that include a plethora of extra building types for citizens to build up and progress. The difference that coastal nodes offer is that they offer progression for the ocean content. The ocean content also provides on various ocean dungeons that players will have access to that look amazing in the teasers. The naval caravans will also be expanded into the ocean content that increases potential trade routes to avoid certain inland threats and adding sea-faring ones into the mix. Treasure hunting and ship building with the super interesting mariner class progression.


As a node near the ocean progresses, a unique building will appear called the Harbor. This will be used for the crafting, repairing, and customization of a ship which players will be able to use to explore the ocean. Coastal nodes would also be sieged from the coastal side giving the PVP combat a pirate-esque feel to them.

When your ship is destroyed at sea, players will need to bring it back to the coast to repair it at the harbor. This action will take up a certain amount of time that will put them out of commission from sea content for a short duration.

Another function of the harbor is being able to spawn naval caravans. As a traditional caravan that transports different goods, these naval caravans would be able to travel from harbor to harbor. The caravan becomes a seafaring vessel that is able to travel land and sea with minimal delay. This allows for the expansion of nodes in the islands across the oceans of Vera.

The island chains will function as quest hubs that are similar to what we have on land but with a more oceanic feel that would probably open up quests such as treasure hunting. Quests that will function as map fragments that will give you instructions and obtain booty.


Ships come in three tiers of four classes.

  1. Small ships: used for solo content for one to three players.
  2. Medium ships: used for group content up to eight players.
  3. Large ships: used for raid content for up to forty players.

Galleon Ships are for naval content centered around cannons and defense. Naval caravans are for trading related content specializing in weight that will allow players to hold more tradable goods. Fishing Boats that will have unique abilities that include harpoons and nets as an alternative for cannons. Finally, Ferry Service Vessels that specializes in speed and maneuvering abilities.


The ship building mechanic is not entirely tied to the artisan skill ship building but is more similar to Black Desert Online’s ship yard system we see in their towns. Meaning, there is no need for investment in artisan skills required at all. Though, players will be paying quite a price for the schematics needed.

Another component when it comes to the ship building skill is the components needed to upgrade your ship which is also similar to BDO’s system. Players will have a system that has slots for the ship to replace or increase the stats. What Ashes of Creation is doing differently with this is they are allowing a modular system for the vessels that will have multiple slots depending on the size of your ship. These are interchangeable based on whether increased trade, increased hole, increased cannons, and so on.


Also called boatmanship classes which contain different skill trees arranged in a similar manner to Artisan classes. As a player gains experience in these different skills they become more adept at using them.

They have announced that there will be a progression tree to all things ship control related, be it cannons, controls, or abilities. This is not going to be a system in itself as it will be one of the artisan skills probably on the processing or gathering category. Giving the class a progression tree rather than just leveling it gives you which abilities to obtain and which area the player wants to specialize in.


The kinds of cosmetic rewards players would be getting from the ocean content. Treasure Maps are going to provide legendary level loot but expect that acquiring these will not be easy. While, Ship Skins are going to be available in the cosmetics store as purchasable skins. Expect that they are going to be on the pricier side but they would look amazing out in the sea.


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