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Discussing the lore aesthetics that Kaivek Orcs have as a playable race in Ashes of Creation. Also comparing the orcs with other MMOs too. The orcs, out of the four major races, have the least amount of information related to them so be prepared for some loose fitting examples.

The Kaivek Orcs have splintered into two separate factions with different beliefs and methods: Ren’kai and Vek.

The Ren’Kai (Honor. Power. Tranquility)

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Ren’Kais closely follow their religion and teachings from before the calamity falling heavily in the order of the fate. They worship the patron deity: Norlan. This means that they are conquerors sweeping across the land. Taking what they want by force through glory and honor.

The Vek (Celestial. Purpose. Fate)

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Veks are nothing like their Ren’Kai cousins. During the Exodus of Vera, the Vek orcs spent their time and energy developing a different perspective on the world. They seem to conquer by reading the winds and constellations to seek favorable results. While still following their deity Norlan, they look to the stars and attack when their divine is winnable with minimal losses. They are also highly skilled in the navigation of the seas because of their increased perception to read the star alignments.

Orcish Architecture of the Orc Factions
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Taken from ancient eastern architecture, the Ren’Kai have buildings styled like eastern soldiers temples from our history. Having a more generalized look, their structures have mixed traits from the Samurai, Mongol, and Ronin.
The Vek on the other hand are vastly different when it comes to their structure design using great structures of stone for housing chambers for channeling and magical front.
Orcish Armor of the Orc Factions

Ren’Kai: their heavy armor is similarly to take on their architecture, a look that was present in the east during its time. Includes flat, kiting slabs shaped into protecting plates grated with barbs that are more functional than cosmetic. Medium armor would be of similar design to protect the user than display the pride of their race. Allowing them to move quickly while also providing them protection against light melee blows. Light armor are much more tighter and protective than most other races giving the user a much higher chance of resisting a fatal arrow than trying to channel offensive destruction.

Vek: their heavy armor is to be more bone and kite-y than heavy metal. Medium armor is more likely bone from their deceased animal companions allowing their death to use their protective hide and decorative fur to the frontlines of battle. Light armor takes a more Shamanistic look with highly colored feathers and amulets but still keeping a hide and bone look.

Orcish Racial Mounts

Ren’Kai: there are zero references when it comes to their mounts. However, wolves and hounds are an obvious choice as they are more likely to keep these kinds of animals for labor and battle. It fits their aesthetic well and matches their personality quite closely too being loyal and vicious.

Vek: as usual, are likely to take a different approach to mounts as they are more patient and thoughtful in their conquest. This horse is heavily branded with shamanistic war paint.

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They call this a Bearded Balemane and is a cosmetic available in the store.
Orcish Racial Augments

Ren’Kai: as a blood-thirsty, on a bound race are likely to have racials that would boost their attack power for a limited time. Similar to the blood fury from the orcs of World of Warcraft.

Vek: more likely to have navigational bonuses while sailing which however sound like passives as to more than an active racial.

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