THE BENEFITS OF GUILDS! | What you need to know! | Ashes of Creation

In Ashes of Creation, being in a guild will enhance your experience within the game in many ways. When a player decides they want to become a guild master and create a guild, they would set out on a quest line that must be completed. Here’s what you need to know!


There will also be a material requirement, monetary requirement, and a player requirement which is currently five but this could change. So not anyone will be able to just start the game and decide to make a guild. It sadly does not work that way. They’ll still be a little work behind it. You’ll need to work up the money and the materials to be able to start your own guild.

Once your guild is created there will be a variety of skill options for your guild to unlock as they progress. The bigger your guild size, the lesser this options may be available. The current guild capacity is 300 players. Though if you want access to all of these skills, you would want to keep your guild capacity at 30 to 50 active players. It doesn’t necessarily effect your guild’s performance when doing large scale events such as castle sieges because there is a guild alliance system in the game that can increase your army size.

You can be at on a maximum of 3 guilds at a time. There is no member capacity in an alliance but there is still a guild capacity so maybe your alliance would never grow beyond 1200 players if all guilds were to be filled to the max.


Alliances will be useful as there is minimal fast travel in the game. So if most of your guild members are far away from your castle and it’s about to be sieged, you can call upon a nearby alliance to help defend it. Alliances comes with other perks as well such as resources pulling into an alliance guild bank, alliance specific quests, trade agreements, and affiliations in gear that can be obtained.


Castle Sieges will be guild VS guild. So any guild that’s successful in taking over a castle will reap in the benefits giving them a slight jump on any guild that may not have this with things such as flying mounts for the officers in control of these castles. Although you can you have to expect that these will still have specific requirements and situations built around them as flying mounts are meant to very rare rewards for players.


Guilds will also be able to unlock guild halls which can be placed on a guild freehold, plot, or within nodes. These halls will only be able to house a single guild and not the attached alliances. These halls will also become objective points when you go to war against another guild.


Guild wars are still in the design stage are meant to be objective based war with great risk from each side. These wars will change depending on the level of the guild. Having to do an event such as capturing a quest item from an opponent’s freehold, or having bounties on certain players.


Guilds will also have access to guild specific activities such as: guild tabards, mounts, coats, and burden’s free mounts among many other rewards. One will definitely be worth it when you jump into the world of Vera.

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