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In a world of high magic, no party would be complete without a mage. Masters of the arcane, they bring terrible elements to bear in devastating spells. If reality needs changing in some fashion, ask a mage to help!


Mages are usually a ranged magic damage dealer. They have various defensive, control, and mobility options at their disposal to make up for their frail defense. Unlike their dark counterparts, the necromancer and the summoner, mages use the elements to inflict serious damage upon their foes.

  • Mages Detection. Just a simple dungeons and dragons spell used to reveal secret passages and magically hidden terrain around the mage. It casts light and reveals magic explosive hazards.
  • Forcefield. Eats mana based on flight, height, and duration. Mitigates eating mana at a high consumption and has mixed utility and defensive application. This will likely change based on the element you’re most proficient in.
  • Gift of the Magi. It grants a portion of the mages mana to friendly characters.
  • After Image. Rank one lets you summon shadows of yourself to confuse your enemies granting you momentarily invulnerability that lasts for four seconds. Also gives you a mirror image evasion buff. Rank two increases evasion and rank three gives you a damage boost while the evasion boost is active.
  • Arc Lightning. Rank one launches a bolt of lightning in a forward line damaging everything within its path. Rank two adds damage over time to enemies and rank three change to nearby enemies who are not hit. Anyone outside the line has the chance to get a bolt jumped at them.
  • Black Hole. Rank one pulls all enemies to a point picked by the caster after a short delay. Rank two snares target after pull and rank three, the black hole explodes at the end of the pull duration dealing damage.
  • Blink. Rank one lets you blink to the direction you are travelling. Rank two increases the blink distance and reduces threat on targets nearby upon activation and rank three, increases the blink distance and area damage upon impact.
  • Ice Sheet. Rank one of this skill created an area where the enemies can be knocked down. Rank two snares two targets in the areas and rank three increases size and duration.
  • Implode. Rank one launches a powerful burst of fire against a single target. Rank two becomes a burn which is a damage over time and rank three turns it into an AOE causing damage around the target that you have initially hit.
  • Portal. Rank one creates a portal under the caster and places another portal in another location picked by the caster. Rank two will only work for a certain number of players, may be able to use offensively and increases its range. Rank three portal reduces threat and clears targets.
  • Prismatic Beam. Rank one channels a beam attack towards a target and does more damage the longer the ability is held down. Rank two does over time damage to the channel and rank three damages enemies between the caster and the target in the combination essentially turning it into an AOE.
  • Spell Book Combo. It is just your auto attack which similarly works like the ones in Guild Wars 2. A simple ranged attack that powers up your power bar as you deal damage.
  • Quake. The mage’s ultimate skill. At rank one, if your focus is at 80%, cast this spell on the earth below you that will launch a line of AOE damage. Rank two knocks down anyone amidst your arcane might and rank three reduces the focus cost and cooldown of the skill.
  1. Acolyte (Mage + Cleric)
  2. Arch Wizard (Mage + Mage)
  3. Battle Mage (Mage + Fighter)
  4. Shadow Caster (Mage + Rogue)
  5. Sorcerer (Mage + Bard)
  6. Spell Hunter (Mage + Ranger)
  7. Spell Stone (Mage + Tank)
  8. Warlock (Mage + Summoner)


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02:09​ Forcefield
02:29​ Gift of the Magi
02:38​ After Image
03:01​ Arch Lightning
03:23​ Black Hole
03:42​ Blink
04:05​ Ice Sheet
04:18​ Implode
04:35​ Portal
05:05​ Prismatic Beam
05:29​ Spell Book Combo
05:45​ Ultimate Skill – Quake
06:16​ Secondary Classes
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