The Origin of the Dünzenkell Dwarves Dwarves | Ashes of Creation Lore!

Ashes of Creation will probably be known not just for their gameplay and graphics, but also the lore stories of each race that will bring us. Intrepid really took time to write and conceptualize every history of every race. So let’s take another look at one of the Ashes of Creation’s race, the Dünzenkell Dwarves. 

0:28 – According to legends, Dwarves are created by the gods and they originated in the deep mountains of Verra. Fabled to be the first created of the major races, the Dwarves are said to have entered on the continents with ships composed of stone and steel. In the northern mountains, the nation of Dünzenkell is found and they are the centre of the Dwarven race. For over 400 years, Dünzenkell has been without the leadership of a king and the society tends to be profoundly matriarchal. 

0:56 – The Dünzenkell nation has been deemed to be the oldest nation in the world and the Dwarves are recognized for their craftsmanship as well as their capability to hunt. They rule through a council of guilds and once every 200 years, they will select a new royal family to rule. 


1:23 – There are two types of playable Dwarves in Ashes of Creation, Dünir and Niküa. The Dünir are fond of living on mountains for they see it as a strong and dependable fortress. The Dünir take tremendous pride in what they craft and what they build such as fortifications that seem impregnable and warhammers that never break.

1:45 – Meanwhile, the Niküa see living in the mountains as a prison which is why they cling to a warm and tropical environment which they call the Niküa Islands. The Niküa too are highly skilled artisans and they are also hunters to the point some are labelled as “beast masters”.

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