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The Summoner is never alone! Two hands are good, but in the summoner’s opinion, four hands are always better. With the right tool for every job, there is no situation they cannot handle!


Summoners tend to have one or multiple pets at their side that dishes out damage, crowd controls enemies, or assisting fellow allies alongside their own abilities. These pets come in the form of some elemental, undead demon or animal companion that usually run on autopilot without much contribution from the summoners themselves. The summoner’s playstyle requires micromanaging their pets for optimal efficiency.


A. World of Warcraft: there are multiple pet classes with the hunter, warlock, death night, mage, shaman, and even priests have one or two pets that they can summon temporarily. Only some classes can summon their pet as their spec needs it to function correctly.

B. Guild Wars 2: there are also multiple pet classes too in the form of engineer, ranger, Mesmer, and necromancer though only two depend on a pet as a part of their main mechanic. The ranger has a whole UI element dedicated to taming and managing their pets. Though the Mesmer only temporarily summons clones of themselves which assists and act like bombs that can detonate at will.

C. Elder Scrolls Online: similar to Guild Wars 2 but only having three classes with summoner-esque spells within the warden, necromancer, and sorcerer classes. The sorcerer summon dead beings to assist them permanently, the necromancer summons bone totems, zombies and bone goliaths to assist their damage, and the warden has an animal companion who he utilizes for various defensive and offensive boosts.

D. Black Desert Online & Final Fantasy 14: these two games only have one summoner class. BDO has two but they are just the same variations with the witch and wizard having an elemental assist and boost their attacks. FF14’s summoner class utilizes elemental summons for various different effects with an ultimate mechanic that the class is centered around.

  1. Beast Master (Summoner + Ranger)
    Utilizes a permanent animal companion or three lesser animals to assist in dealing damage and protect the summoner whilst they utilize ranged attacks with some spells or a bow.
  2. Brood Warden (Summoner + Tank)
    The summoner would summon powerful chitin armor instead of insects around themselves and their allies. They may also use insects as debuff to blind foes for their allies to take down easier.
  3. Enchanter (Summoner + Bard)
    Likely to be similar to the Mesmer is Guild Wars 2 summoning illusions and clones of themselves to disorient their foes and control the battlefield mesmerizing fields of pink and purple.
  4. Necromancer (Summoner + Cleric)
    What the necromancer could bring is so diverse that there is no real way to tell what we will get outside of the deathly visage. Here are some of the types of pets that the necromancer can summon in other games:

    – Ghouls: summon a mangled corpse to attack your foes with their retched claws.
    – Flesh Golem: summon a mound of flesh and bone to protect you.
    – Blood Worm: create a static worm that shoots your foes from afar.
    – Bone Minions: summon minions to run and explode upon your enemies.
  5. Shadowmancer (Summoner + Rogue)
    Gives access to the summoner to various summon-able fields and walls to obscure your foes’ line of sight while making you and your allies invisible. Perfect for creeping up on a castle during a siege.
  6. Spellmancer (Summoner + Mage)
    Summons fields of fire and ice to damage crippled foes while utilizing elemental shields to negate damage from various schools of magic with totems to blast your foes with the fury of elements.
  7. Conjurer (Pure Summoner / Summoner + Summoner)
    Being able to summon vicious entities to rip apart your foes with their chaotic forms or summon rabid elemental wolves to cripple your enemies with the force of a storm. Summoning uncontrollable portals to unleash bursts of energy from beyond to decimate who oppose you.

They can summon up to three entities, however, that does not necessarily mean they always will. Some subclasses may only summon one more powerful one. It is confirmed that you do have a hotbar to control your summons with. This only means multiple summons will follow the same command, meaning, they are indeed weaker than a single summon.

You are also able to change your summons’s appearance through the cosmetic items and possible customization through the animal husbandry system. Lastly, they have confirmed that your race will affect your summons’s appearance.


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02:53​ Elder Scrolls Online
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03:54​ Beast Master
04:18​ Brood Warden
04:43​ Enchanter
05:00​ Necromancer
05:27​ Ghoul
05:34​ Flesh Golem
05:39​ Blood Worm
05:46​ Bone Minions
05:57​ Shadowmancer
06:16​ Spellmancer
06:36​ Wildblade
06:52​ Conjurer
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