Top 5 Reasons Ashes of Creation WILL Be A MASSIVE Success!!!

Ashes of  Creation is just around the corner, and while we are all waiting for its release, let us first talk about the reasons Ashes of Creation will be a huge success.

5. Unique PVP Design

File:ss-2020-06-01-01 09 56-00006.png

Unlike other MMO games, you can engage in an open world PVP with not worrying about losing your gear, but instead, you will just drop a percentage of your potions and other consumables. But be careful because if you want to kill someone who has no interest in fighting you and get lost, you will lose all the gear and items you’re carrying.

4. The Node System

This is considered the most complex game systems in any other game systems in any video game. There will be many mini nodes all over the map, and every player will be a citizen of each node. Nodes also have a level that can rise or fall depending on the citizen’s actions. You can level up your node by taking out bosses that are terrorizing the area or gathering wood and stone to donate to the town.

3. Self Publishing

This game is being self-published by Intrepid Studios. Unlike many other MMO games, there is no danger that the development team receives messages from someone who doesn’t play or develops video games demanding to launch the game at a specific time. And since it is, self-published the game will be out when it’s done, feature-complete, and bug-free.  

2. Steven Sharif

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Being the owner and creative director at Intrepid Studios, he put up his own money to make ashes possible.

  1. Open Development
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Usually, The players cannot see how most video games, including MMOs, are developed. They might show some video updates once in a while, but it’s just about the systems they like to implement. Ashes, on the other hand, are developed out in the open for anyone to see. They play live streams and grant interviews to everyone to update everyone on the game’s recent development.     

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:48 – Unique PVP Design

02:58 – The Node System

05:00 – Self Publishing

06:28 – Steven Sharif

07:29 – Open Development

09:20 – Outro

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