TRULY Unique and Endless Character Possibilities

Today we are going to talk about the unique and endless character possibilities in Ashes of Creation. However, everything is still subject to change because it is still an unfinished product. Without further ado, let’s start.

AoC Races

Before exploring the Ashes of Creation world, you first have to select a race that you will use. There are essentially four races with two subtypes each and a wild card race. 

Aela Humans

  • Kaelar
File:Ward of the Implacable.png

These are humans that are conceptually similar to a medieval European country or like the empire fantasy. Kaelars will be more effective in terms of mid-maxing.  

  • Vaelune

These are humans that are similar to a middle eastern civilization. These types mainly value trade law and hardship playstyles. 

Dunzenkell Dwarves

  • Dunir
File:Vestments of the Runecarvers.png

These are the mountain-dwelling dwarves that favor stoic, tradition, and forge playstyles, making them effective in physical classes for min-maxing.

  • Nikua

These are island dwellers similar to simoans who favor family and freedom and courage playstyles, making them most useful in magical classes for min-maxing. They will probably be a good choice for water-based gameplay.

Kaivek Orcs

  • Ren’Kai

These are your well-known orc faction that favors honor, power, and tranquility, making them the best suited as physical classes for min-maxing.

  • Vek
File:Scryer of Ebon Skies.png

These are conceptually similar to trolls. WoW, which values celestial, purpose, and fate playstyles, making them the best suited for magical classes for min-maxing. They also have the racial benefit of navigating open seas.

Pyrian Elves

  • Empyrean
File:Lorica Vindicta.png

These are similar to high elves from Warhammer fantasy which favors imperial pride and culture play styles, making them the best suited for min-maxing physical classes. 

  • Py’Rai

They are conceptually similar to the Night Elves in WoW, where they prefer nature, balance, and fury playstyle, making them best suited to the magical classes in mid maxing.


These are wild card races because they combine different ethnicities that can significantly adjust their racial appearance. You get dials and sliders to change your character’s look as a Tolnar from a mix of other races.

AoC Classes

After selecting the Race of your character, you need to select a class based on the role you want to play. After leveling up, you can choose a second class that can start your chosen character’s journey.

Classes - Ashes of Creation Wiki

Remember to choose wisely because every character and class you choose will be your character and class forever

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:31 – Aela Humans

02:02 – Dunzenkell Dwarves

02:37 – Kaivek Orcs

03:07 – Pyrian Elves

03:33 – Tulnar

04:13 – Ashes of Creation Classes

07:55 – Outro

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