WEAPON PROGRESSION AND ENCHANTING | A Complete Overview | Ashes of Creation

Discussing the interesting types of weapon progression in Ashes of Creation which are enchanting and weapon progression paths!


Traditionally, enchanting within an MMO is basically powering up your weapon or armor with a stat boost or a special effect. Such enchants usually come with a variety of options with various particle effect that covers the enchanted piece. In Ashes of Creation, there are two types of enchantments. Vertical enchantments which are your traditional power boosts, and Horizontal enchantments which are more of a stat rearranger for your weapons.


The main form of progression when it comes to weapon enchantment. Progressing a piece of gear beyond its higher level in Ashes of Creation is called Overenchanting. This means that for the cost in the materials, there will be a chance to increase your stats which is used in Lineage 2 and Black Desert Online. They did announce that there will be some levels of safe enchanting but beyond that, there is where the risk will begin whether you will have the chance to increase enchantment on your weapon.


A form of stat rearrangement for your gear as it allows you to sacrifice some of your physical damage on your gear and change it into fire damage for foes who are weak to fire. Similarly to the reforging system in World of Warcraft’s Mist of Pandaria.


The second type of weapon progression. Progression will come with some sort of talent tree that will allow all weapons to be utilized in some way by all the classes. Any class can benefit from the progression path of a certain type of weapon. Works similarly to Elder Scrolls Online though to a certain extent.


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