What exactly does it take to be a citizen of a node along with the pros and cons of becoming a citizen. Here’s a brief rundown. Let’s jump right into it! As you are looking for a home, you will have to look at your personal specifications that surround your future home sweet home. Whether that be you may want to be a citizen that is a master of economy or just simply being a conqueror or castles. Being a citizen of a node will make your life much easier.

There are four nodes meaning there are four different potential cities to call your home: Divine Nodes, Economic Nodes, Military Nodes, and Scientific Nodes.

Once you decide in a node that you would want to live in that has already reached the village stage or the stage three, you can now head on down to that node and purchase a home. Whether that be an instanced or non-instanced house it is still up to you as long as they are both available. Once you purchase that with your hard earned money, you are now a homeowner, hence gaining a citizenship.

Make your choice carefully as you can only be one citizen at a time and there is only one chance per count per server. Your citizenship is not tied to your guild as guilds do not own any nodes. It will take more than one node to establish dominance. So essentially, you could be a citizen of a node from a rival guild.

Citizenship will require a two week cooldown! So you can’t just buy and sell your homes in nodes whenever you get bored and want to move to another place. Also, this prevents players from cheating the system. You may lose your citizenship when that node is destroyed but it is not known if this will reset the 2 week cooldown.

If you decide that you are a lone wolf and don’t need a citizenship to be happy, you can do so. By doing this, you won’t have to pay node taxes to any of the nodes like those other citizens do. Though, you will be missing out on the benefits of being a citizen in a node such as titles, reputation, honor, loyalty, merit, and participation in the node government. Meaning, citizens in the node are allowed to vote and are allowed to run for governor.

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